delivering high quality outcomes in environmental health & risk assessment

Terravale Environmental Consultancy


From Latin Terra-Valetudo =

Terravale Consulting Pty Ltd is an environmental consultancy focused on delivering high quality outcomes in environmental health and risk assessment projects across Australia.  Terravale Consulting has a genuine passion for the environment, with a commitment to quality, and a focus on delivering scientifically robust work.

Terravale specialises in quantitative risk assessment, investigating the impacts to human health and ecosystems from chemicals in the environment. Our experience encompasses air quality projects, soil contamination, surface and ground water issues, and impacts to biota. 


Our Technical Services

Environmental Health Risk Assessment

Quality reporting and investigation services provided

Application of Risk Assessment Methods

Supporting investigations using the most current science

Qualitative Risk Assessment & Risk Ranking

For early identification of sources of risk

Health Impact Assessments

Ensuring the safety of the environment

Independent Expert Advice

Providing technical expertise and non-biased advice

Site Investigation Support

Including air, water, soil and biota investigations



Practical, Skillful Technicians

We work with a diverse range of clients and market sectors, including regulators (State and Federal), industrial facilities, mining, land developers, airports, agriculture, waste sector, etc. From the initial stage of a project when an issue is identified, and throughout subsequent stages, risk assessment methods can help our clients to make informed decisions when managing environmental issues. 

While providing niche technical services and expertise to our clients, at Terravale we are also focused on ensuring risk assessment outcomes are clearly conveyed for non-technical audiences. This emphasis on strong engagement and communication is key to many of our project’s successes. 


Terravale Director, Victoria Lazenby, has an established reputation for delivering projects to a high technical standard, while ensuring there is a continued focus on communication, engagement, and commercial considerations.